Michele is an award-winning Creative Director who's worked on all forms of advertising communication from postcards to Superbowl spots. Her ability to absorb a brief and generate work that touches people’s hearts has helped her make clients' brands more memorable. She's helped sell cars, investment instruments, computers, food, toys, fashion, laundry detergent and even better-smelling cat litter.

She recently headed the creative department of a small agency in New Jersey that won a large chunk of Panasonic business from two major New York agencies. The work she stewarded not only won the new business for the agency, but also garnered creative accolades and led to the agency being named "Best Small Agency in the Northeast." Her print campaign for the Citibank AAdvantage Card became so universally recognized it was .parodied in Mad magazine.


Arm & Hammer, AT&T, Bermuda, Chase, Citibank, Clementines from Spain, DeLonghi, Hass Avocados from Mexico, Korbel, Marriott, Microsoft, National Car Rental, Nick at Nite, Nissan, NYNEX, Reebok, Panasonic, V8 Vegetable Juice., Verizon,


Effie, Addy, Adweek’s "Best Spots of the Month"
“Best Small Agency in the Northeast” (Ad Age)
“Top Ten Creative of the Decade” (BtoB Magazine)